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Here are some dates where I am playing with my rock band The Warrior Kings:


Friday April 26th-Warrior Kings -Slippery Noodle-Downtown Indy 10-2

Friday May 10th -Warrior Kings @ main Event new 96th street location 9-1

Friday May 31st-Warrior Kings @ Main Event -7038 Shore Terrace Dr, Indy: 9-1

Saturday June 15th-Warrior Kings @ Barley Island-639 Conner St Noblesville : 9-1

Friday July 12th-Warrior Kings @ The Slippery Noodle: 9-1

Friday July 19th- Warrior Kings @ The Main Event -7308 Shore Terrace Dr-9-1

Friday July 26-Warrior Kings @ The Slippery Noodle: 10-2

Saturday July 27th- Warrior Kings @ The Slippery Noodle: 10-2

Friday August 30th- Warrior Kings @ The Main Event-96th street -9-1

Saturday September 21st- Warrior Kings @ The Slippery Noodle: 9-1

Friday September 27th-Warrior Kings @ The Main Event-7308 Shore Terrace Dr-9-1

Friday October 11th- Warrior Kings @ Barley Island- 9-1

Friday October 25th-Warrio Kings @ Mo's Irish Pub in Hamilton Town Center- 9-1

Friday November 15th- Warrior Kings @ Main Event: 9-1

Thursday November 27th- Warrior Kings @ Barley Island : 9-1

Friday December 6th- Warrior Kings @ Main Event: 9-1


I also play in a duo with harpist Jan Aldridge Clark:

Friday April 26th: Stutz building downtown Indy-5:30 -9:00 Art Fair

Sunday May 26th: Eddie Merlot's-reception(private)

Tuesday October 22nd: Artsgarden downtown Indianapolis-noon-1


Here's one coming up with the great Chooch Kennedy:

Wednesday May 15th: Daddy Jack's-96th & Meridian-8-12

I also Play with Kenny Kipp's Island Party: 

Friday August 23: The Main Event @ 96th street: 8-12

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Casey Harshbarger.

If you're interested in purchasing either one of my cd's above please go to or Both my cd's are for sale on those sites. Also, if you like really good classic rock, check out my band The Warrior Kings. We have a cd for sale on iTunes as well. Think Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Cream & you get the picture! Check out the About Me page to get more info on my music. Thanks!!!


Casey Harshbarger guitar artist

Hello Everyone!! Here is a recent feature I did on the IndyStyle show on channel 8, Wish tv. Was a lot of fun & what a cool show!! It's on Monday-Friday from 9-10am on Channel 8. I was on the show Friday, February 15th. Check it out!!

Casey Harshbarger guitar artist

Here is how I was able to produce the CD of "Acoustic Dreams". All hail!! What a great concept for starving artists & musicians to be able to create & fund a project. I had a great experience doing this & would highly recommend it to anyone! This video will give you some more background on me & my history. Produced by MP Lyons from Azmyth Recording. Thanks!! Here's some youtube stuff- Here is me jamming with the great Tony Cheesebourough & W.T. Feaster @ the Slippery Noodle Another Electric Blues treat with the great Tony Cheesebourough: One last Youtube treat-here's some of my music (with harp player Tom Duncan) being used in a cool video:

The Warrior Kings

The Warrior Kings

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